Look what we got yesterday at Tractor Supply!  A dozen little cheep-cheep-cheeping fluffballs, which were fresh from the post office.  Aren’t they adorable in their first humble home?

Good thing David is getting a MUCH bigger box from work tomorrow, because these little girls will need a housing upgrade soon.

For now all they need is warmth (heat lamp), fresh bedding (pine shavings), food (chick starter feed along with some chick grit for digestion), and fresh water.  We add some raw apple cider vinegar to their water to keep it fresh and for the multiple health benefits it imparts.

If you’re wondering why there are rocks are in the water, it’s to protect the chicks from getting all wet (and thus cold) and from drowning.  We’ve never had that happen, but then again we’ve always used rocks when they’re tiny, just like we read about somewhere when we got our very first chicks.

In the past we’ve purchased “straight run” but have learned through experience that that phrase is code for “all roosters,” so this time we wised up and bought pullets.

They had a mix of Red Sex-Link, Rhode Island Red and Tetra Tint.  I had never heard of the latter breed but got three of them anyway (they’re the yellow ones.)  I did some research when I got home and learned that Tetras are bred for high production and especially for Tractor Supply.  The adults look much like Leghorns and are likely a Leghorn cross. Want a fun family project?  Pick up some chicks and watch them grow!  Anything you need to know about caring for them can be found at BackYard Chickens.  It’s my go-to place for any chicken question.

And no worries if you don’t have a plan for housing them after their 3-week cute period is over, they’ve outgrown the biggest boxes you have, and you’re not allowed to have chickens outside where you live anyway.  Post them on Craig’s List, and I guarantee you some chicken-lover will snatch them up in no time this time of year, especially if you have pullets.  Or you can just call us. 😉