32 Weeks

Aren’t these the most adorable little feet?  Nothing is cuter than chubby little baby feet attached to those chubby little baby ankles.  Even the chubby little tops of their feet are cute too.  (Hannah’s feet, by the way.)

Unfortunately, while it may be cute on babies, it is definitely not cute on feet that are all grown up.  Good thing flip flop weather arrived early this year, since nothing else fits my chubby, not-so-little, not-so-cute feet these days.

I was hoping that last week was a fluke, as ankles that disappear by noon and sausage toes are not pregnancy symptoms I’m accustomed to dealing with.  But I’d better get used to it, because it’s become obvious they’re here to stay—for an anticipated 8 more weeks.

I’ve had a handful of odd (for me) symptoms this time around, but thankfully other of my familiar, bothersome pregnancy symptoms have been strangely absent.  Overall, I’ve come out on the good end of the symptom swap, so I’m definitely not complaining.

But . . .

lying around with my feet up is not my idea of a good time, as I much prefer to be up and doing.  But by the end of the day and (often mid-afternoon,) the pain gives me no choice.  Ice and elevation are my comforting companions.

So, any ideas for what I should do while I’m lounging my way through this beautiful spring?  Besides bon bons and classical music, I mean?  Oh, and moaning softly and asking everyone to do things for me?

It’s no fun to be nudged into circumstances beyond our control, even in the minor things like this, as it’s kind of interfered with my to-do lists, you know?  But it’s another reminder that we’re not really in control as much as we tend to think we are (or sometimes wish we could be,) isn’t it?

But on the bright side . . . the reward of living with my chubby, not-so-little, not-so-cute feet will be getting to see another pair of feet soon—the chubby, little, cute kind.

And we can’t wait.