Growing Boys

I’m realizing more and more how much our “big boys” are not our “little boys” anymore.

In the last two weeks, Nathan and Caleb both celebrated birthdays (their 14th and 12th, respectively) so this mom has been reminiscing and getting a little sentimental.

Just look at these faces.  Can you blame me?

Gone are the days of endless snuggles and board books . . .  pants that are long enough from one week to the next . . . or dinner leftovers.

Also gone are the days of making them special little birthday cakes—Pooh, Spot, trains, dinosaurs, etc.

They prefer more mature-looking birthday cakes now, or to even forgo cake in lieu of some highbrow, grown-up dessert like this Chocolate-Raspberry Torte.

Of course, those are enjoyable for me to make as well, but when they’re not excited about frosting and candles, it’s one more sign that these boys are bigger than they are little.

It’s bittersweet.

While I do miss them being little, I’ll confess it’s pretty handy having a couple of strapping young men in the house to lift heavy boxes, carry a 6-gallon bucket of wheat up from the basement, or heft a 50 lb. bag of feed from the van to the chicken coop . . . especially when I’m sporting a third-trimester belly.

And it’s rewarding to witness their intellectual and spiritual growth as well as various interests and skills they’re developing, but . . .

it’s still bittersweet.

I’m glad we still have little ones who ARE little.  That tempers the transition of my other “little boys” growing into little men.