Fun in the Kitchen

I love learning new things in the kitchen.  Whether it’s the excitement of trying out a new recipe and having it be SPECTACULAR or learning a new-to-me skill that our foremothers commonly employed, I enjoy it all.

With that in mind, I have some fantastic links to share with you.

I found this great recipe on Pinterest.  And even though it’s still on my “Recipes to Try” board, let me assure that I have indeed tried it and it is definitely a keeper!  If you’re a fan of chocolate-peanut butter combinations, you simply must make this.  Thanks to the extra fat from the peanut butter, it’s also one of the creamiest homemade ice cream recipes I’ve made.  Mmm.

It’s not as healthy as the last ice cream recipe I shared, but I’ll bet you could easily substitute some honey for the sugar to improve it in that area.

I also learned how to make cottage cheese this week, thanks to my friend Dawn at Roberts’ Farm.  I told you before about how much cream is in their milk right now and how I like to pour off some of it for use in all sorts of things (like ice cream.)  Well, now I know what to do with skim milk if I use up all the cream in part of the milk from our herdshare.

I made some wonderful cottage cheese, following Dawn’s directions.  It’s so delicious and not terribly difficult.  Time actually does most of the work for you.

Now the question is what to do with all that whey.  This isn’t a problem I’m used to encountering, but I recalled some ideas on one of my favorite blogs, The Prairie Homestead.  Sure enough, I found what I was looking for—16 Ways to Use Your Whey.

What kind of fun have you been having in the kitchen this week?


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