My Lilla Rose Anniversary Party!

It’s my 1-year anniversary with Lilla Rose, and I’m throwing a party to celebrate!

That means great specials for all my wonderful customers! Thank you for helping me have a fantastic first year!

Are YOU the Mystery Hostess??

  • Make a purchase through my party link and be automatically entered to win ALL the hostess rewards!  Yes, one of you will be the lucky hostess!
  • All party orders over $20 will also receive FREE shipping! (Make sure you use the above link!)
  • And if you buy 3 items, I’ll send you a certificate to get 1 free, up to a $16 value!

Three great ways to celebrate! I hope you’ll come party with me!

Party will remain open through August 18, and all party orders will ship after the party closes.


Want to make sure YOU get all those hostess rewards?

Host your own online or in-home party!  You can earn free and half-price items, plus all your party guests will get free shipping on orders over $20 during the month of August.

Giveaway Winner and Valentine’s Day Top Picks

The winner of the Lilla Rose Bobby Pin Giveaway, chosen by, is

#36 Melissa!

Congratulations, Melissa!  I’ll be in touch soon to send you the bobbies of your choice.

Be sure to check out my favorite sweet styles for Valentine’s Day—hearts, pinks and roses, in assorted sizes.  I do have some of these in stock, and all are available on my Lilla Rose website.  Order soon to receive them in time for Valentine’s Day.

What a sweet treat for someone special . . . and zero calories!

Flower of Hearts

Crown of Hearts

Deep Set Rose

Lovely Circle Pink

Open Heart Dangle

Enchanting Copper Rose

Hawaiian Flower

Scroll Work Heart


Scroll Work Heart

Not sure what size flexi-clip to get?  Watch the Lilla Rose sizing video or contact me if you need help deciding.

You Are Invited . . .

to my Lilla Rose Blog Party . . . and that means FREE shipping!  You’ll also get to take advantage of 2011 flexi-clip pricing before the upcoming increase.  It’s a great time to buy!

Now through noon on Monday, you’ll get free shipping if you place an order though this party link.

And if you’re a new customer*, I have a special offer for you!  Purchase any three items from my Lilla Rose website, and I’ll send you a voucher for a free flexi-clip of your choice, up to a $15 value.

*if you’ve never redeemed a Lilla Rose voucher or ordered from my online store.

You’ve heard me talk about all the reasons I love the flexi-clips.  Can you recite them by now?  :)  They are the perfect marriage of feminine and functional, available in dozens of styles and 7 sizes to accommodate nearly anyone’s taste and hair type.

This is a great opportunity to pick out a few pretties for yourself, upcoming birthdays, or even Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner.

If you’re not sure what size to get, be sure to watch the following sizing video before you shop, and let me know if you need help choosing.

So CLICK HERE to register as a party guest and get FREE shipping!  Everyone is invited!  Party ends at noon on Monday, Jan. 16, and all orders will ship at that time.

Let me know if you’d like to host your own blog or online party this month.  Not only can you earn free and half-price hostess rewards, but you and all your party guests will also receive free shipping during the month of January.

Helping the Family Economy

A lot of moms these days are looking for ways to help the family economy from home—either by finding bargains and spending less or by thinking of creative ways to bring in some cash, or both.

With that in mind, I’d like to tell you that’s another reason I’m happy to have signed up with Lilla Rose.  If you know me, you know I’m not into high-pressure marketing at all, but I am enthusiastic about products or methods that work for me—from recipes and kitchen gadgets to homeschooling books and everything in between.  My daughters and I love our Lilla Rose flexi-clips, so we naturally enjoy introducing them to others as well.

Are you looking to help your family economy?  Let me tell you why Lilla Rose has been good for us, and you might decide it has great potential for your family too.

You already know that I love the quality, comfort, durability, beauty, and femininity of the Lilla Rose products, as evidenced by my seemingly nonstop multiple blog posts on the topic.  And when I show them to other ladies, they love them for the same reasons.

From a selling perspective, Lilla Rose has been extremely flexible.  I like that there are NO demands on meeting quotas or booking a lot of parties or strong-arming friends into becoming your new recruits.  You can sell as much or as little as you like, and in the way you like, with no pressure from anyone.

Want to focus on in-home parties?  Fine.  Or perhaps your children are grown and you have time to book a lot of craft fairs and shows?  Fine.  Maybe you want to sell strictly online?  Fine.  Want to keep a small inventory and sell just to friends?  Fine.  Want to sign up as a consultant just to get the discounts for your own purchases?  That’s fine too!

Keep a large inventory to sell in person, or keep none at all.  You get to decide how you do things.

There is no pressure to “go big in the business,” although if you do well you’ll be rewarded.  It’s been an enjoyable and convenient way of helping the family finances without compromising my duties on the home front.


Feel free to peruse my Lilla Rose blog posts, browse my Lilla Rose website, or visit my Lilla Rose Facebook page for more information and ideas.  And you get bonus points for “liking” my Lilla Rose Facebook page. 😉

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, I’d be happy to give you more details and help you get started.  It’s easy!

Stay tuned for a Lilla Rose Blog Party coming up this week . . . and that means FREE shipping for all my party guests!

Mini Mania

We just love our Lilla Rose mini’s.  For starters, it’s the perfect size for a pony-tail in my girls’ baby-fine hair, and even though it’s not technically “my size,” I can make it work as a half-pony if I want to.  Besides that, it’s fun to share!

When making a half-pony in a mini-size, I just grab less hair than I normally would—just a little from both sides—and clip that amount.  It works great; you just grab however much you need to make the flexi-clip fit snugly.  A tuft here or there in super-thick hair works too.  The mini’s are very versatile!

Interested in a gift but not sure what size? *  You almost can’t go wrong with a mini, especially for little girls—half pony, full pony, half twist pony, etc.  Mini’s have been my most popular size by far.  I’m waiting on my order to arrive and will soon have all these little beauties you see in stock.

Can’t wait?  Be sure and visit my Lilla Rose website for special Black Friday pricing on mini’s (and everything else!)   Most mini’s are just $8.50 now through midnight Saturday.

* The Lilla Rose sizing video is also very helpful in making a size selection.  And if you need ideas on flexi styles, be sure and watch the styling videos too.  You’ll find both videos here.

Lilla Rose Black Friday Sale!

Hannah modeling one of her favorite colorful mini flexi-clips

Flexi-clips make beautiful, unique gifts, and gift-giving will be a little easier if you shop the upcoming Lilla Rose Black Friday sale.

Beginning at 12:00 a.m. Friday morning (Pacific Time) through midnight on Saturday, receive 15% off everything on my Lilla Rose website, with select items priced at 25% off!

That’s two days of great savings, and you don’t even have to rush out the door at 4 a.m. to get a deal!  How about that?!

Click here to shop and save!

Lilla Rose Giveaway!

I’m sponsoring another Lilla Rose giveaway, so visit The Morris Tribe for your chance to win a free flexi-clip of your choice, up to a $15 value!

From very elegant

to no-frills

and everything in between!

Seven different sizes and a huge variety of colors to satisfy all styles and tastes.

Visit my online store to see which flexi is your favorite!