Interesting Little Egg

I’d read about these “interesting” eggs on the Backyard Chickens website, but we’d never seen one until last week.  Caleb brought in some eggs from the after-lunch gathering, and among the normal-sized ones was this little peanut.  It looks like a pullet egg, but smaller.

If it’s what I think it is, these eggs are often known by a rather unpleasant-sounding name, but I’ve read that you can also call them fairy eggs.  They commonly have no yolk.

We expected it to be unusual on the inside, so we cracked it open to check.  It had what appeared to be yolk-ish in texture, but it was very pale (well, compared to farm eggs anyway) and abnormal-looking, as you can see.

We did a little research and learned that these eggs are typically caused by a piece of reproductive tissue that sloughs off inside the hen and is then treated by her body as a “yolk,” with the egg then forming around it.  Eww.

Has anyone else ever got an egg like this?  We haven’t had any more since, and we aren’t sure which hen laid it.  It wasn’t a pullet, though, as we don’t have any of those right now.