Mini Vacation

We just returned home this afternoon, after several days away visiting friends as well as touring the Creation Museum and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  What a busy, wonderful time we had.

I plan on posting some specifics about the two museums on my field trip blog next week, but here is a quick recap in pictures.

Craig's List scores again!

The day before we left, we realized that stuffing the van with the stroller, coolers of food, and clothes and bedding for the family (not to mention the family itself) was going to be a challenge, if not an impossibility.  A quick search on Craig’s List revealed a bargain on a rooftop carrier, which gave us all a bit more breathing room. Yeah!

Excitement filled the air as we loaded up for our road trip adventure.

Three-and-a-half hours of airplanes, and Elisabeth was tuckered out.

So was Joseph. Good thing he found a buddy to carry him for awhile.

I had lots of girl snuggles in the hotel room. Ever sleep in a lumpy roll-away bed with a 3 yr old who flops like a fish out of water and a 7 yr old who talks in her sleep? Me neither!!!

Camels and dinosaurs are among the many attractions at the Creation Museum.

We had a great time, and even the van ride was pleasant and peaceful . . . well, mostly.  We would have loved to stay longer, but it’s always good to be home.