Saturday Snapshots

WARNING:  If you are a grandmother, you may want to log off immediately . . .

the garter snake that Daddy caught

Caleb being bitten by the garter snake that Daddy caught (and taking it like a man, I might add)

For the sake of any grandmothers who did not take my advice to log off, Caleb says I should also mention that it really didn’t hurt.  And yes, it truly is a garter snake you see and not some obscure poisonous species of garter snake impersonators.  Really, he IS okay.  It’s been 4+ hours, and he’s still alive and kicking, so you can get up off the floor now. 😉

Typing 101

After our morning chores today, we decided to browse some nearby garage sales.  We found some amazing deals, but I won’t bore you with all of our purchases, save one.  Alright, two.

Caleb has been wanting a typewriter for awhile now.  Remember those relics of the past?  I grew up with one such relic—a manual one, at that—so I’m feeling pretty old right about now.

Like most kids nowadays, my children have only ever typed on a computer keyboard.  But Caleb loves to tinker and learn, so he’s been wanting me to find him some kind of typewriter—not just to type on, but to see how it works.

I figured one would eventually turn up at a thrift store or garage sale, and today it did.  Rather, they did.

First, we found an old Smith Corona manual model, complete with its case.  We didn’t care if it worked or not, as I planned on letting Caleb be Thomas Edison with it.  (Have you read about how Thomas Edison loved to take everything apart to see what made it tick?)

There was no price marked, but the seller asked if we’d take it for 50 cents.  He was eager to unload it, and I know we could have gotten it for less, but 50 cents was a small price to pay for the the history and physics lessons we are going to get out of it.

Turns out, some of the keys didn’t work or were bent, so Caleb has been tinkering with it all afternoon.  He’s managed to fix four of them so far.  I love seeing him learn this way; his manhood skills are developing before my eyes.

Also, at an estate sale we found a not-as-old Brother electric model for just $1.  We got it home and realized he got a very good quality machine.  No tinkering necessary on this one.

And while I’m on the subject of typing, the homeschooling mother in me would be remiss not to mention Typing Instructor—the inexpensive, painless way to learn how to type.  My kids love this.

And they’ll appreciate what they have even more, now that they’re getting a taste of jammed keys and flying capitals.

Birthday Boys and Camo Cake

Nathan and Caleb’s birthdays are just a week and a half apart, so we often celebrate them together.  As they share many similar interests, there is usually a particular cake theme that takes shape as we do some brainstorming in the weeks prior.

With them both being aspiring young hunters, we decided on a camouflage cake this year.  It was a lot of fun to make, and all were pleased with the tasty results. :)

Caleb just turned 11, and Nathan will be 13 on Friday.  Happy birthday to my big boys!