Crazy for Crocheting

After recently realizing that we weren’t quite ready to tackle knitting, Hannah and I turned our hands back to crocheting.

A few years ago she got this Klutz book for Christmas, and we worked through many of the projects inside.  Well, I did.  She was eager to learn but at age 6, she wasn’t quite ready for the lessons.  So I had her select the projects she liked, and I crocheted them for her.  It wasn’t wasted time for her at all; on the contrary, she was excited to watch the yarn be transformed into something useful, and it gave her an activity to look forward to doing herself one day.

I am very pleased with the photographs and instructions in this book.  It’s all step-by-step with the beginner in mind and was very easy to follow.  It also came with a few different yarns, a crochet hook and a large-eyed plastic needle.

We revisited the book a few weeks ago, and this time I made her a pink hat with the yarn of her choice (instead of the green yarn that came with the kit.  We used that last time just because it was there, but it doesn’t match anything else she has.)

The yarn has a clear strand of iridescent thread running through it, which is one reason she chose it.  It shows up better in this next picture.  She loves her new girly hat and wears it around the house just for fun.

The flower and scalloped edge are not tricky at all once you learn the secret to them, and they add a sweet touch.  The Klutz instructions are very good!

I also wanted to experiment more with chunky yarn and big hooks, so I found this wool blend on clearance and made a cowl for each of the girls according to the simple instructions on the skein.

I think these will do a better job than scarves at keeping the girls’ necks warm when they’re playing outside.  And with chunky yarn, it’s AMAZING how quickly you can whip off a simple project like this.  For a busy mom, I’m thinking this is the way to go.

At this point, true crocheting is still kind of tricky for Hannah’s fingers.  Mostly, I hope to accomplish two things with her this winter as far as crocheting goes . . . to keep her interest and industry kindled . . . and to help her perfect her chain stitches so they become consistent in size and loose enough to work easily.  Then we’ll add in some single and double crochet stitches for practice.  She’s really been improving.

She’s been making some simple chain-stitch headbands on her own, so that’s a great start.  We’ll see how things progress, then I’ll teach her the other steps, and maybe sooner than I expect.

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