On Having Babies

For a Christian, having babies is not about birthing pains, changing diapers or baking cookies (though it includes all of these).  Having babies is about transforming the world forever.   This investment will last, not for thirty years, not for my lifetime, but f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  The investment is realized on earth and pays dividends for eternity.  On earth, we pray that these children will advance the very kingdom of God.  But in heaven, the souls of every redeemed child will stand with me throughout eternity before the Lord Jesus.  The pressures of today (be they financial, physical, etc.) that taunt Christians to self-consciously distort God’s fruitful purpose for the womb, and to separate life from love, will seem infinitesimally small as we look back upon this whisper of a life with our children beside us in eternity.

My children can have more far-reaching implications for society and posterity than anything else I can do.  Having babies and training children for Jesus Christ means my life work will last forever.  I refuse to accept the minimizing, selfish, materialistic, and limited vision of womanhood dispensed by the apostles of modernity and relevancy in this generation.  My dream is far greater.                                                — Beall Phillips