Yet one more chickie!!!!!…by Nathan, 12 and Hannah, 6

The farm grows and grows!  Thursday, we got this new chick, making our total 25!   We put him in with the other tiny one.  The big one was mean at first, but now they get along just fine.

The chick, who is just about the size of a fist, is a cute fluffy yellow color.  He is so adorable!  We just love him.

We may name him the second winner name of the poll, depending on what it is.  So please vote if you haven’t already.

Just another update on the birds…Nathan, 12



A growing flock:  10 new chickies!!  Today we bought ten 12-week old chickens on Craig’s List.

Most of them.

We put Little Tricky and the Comets in a different fenced-in area, because there are ten of these and they need more space.

Brown Leghorn Rooster (Not mean... we hope.)

We have the two runs right up touching each other, so they can get used to each other before we put them together.

Some bantams.

Training:  Lately, I’ve been training Little Tricky to sit on your shoulder like a pet.  And the tiny chick (the one whose name you can vote on; please check out the poll below) will sit on your finger!  Those are some unusual roosts!  Of course, he probably won’t do that when he’s older, but I want him to be tame, and not mean to or afraid of us.

Tricky Chickie I  has been behaving better, but he still doesn’t enjoy being bossed around. 😛

So... hope ya like each other.

Egg-setting:  Penguin has been faithfully setting the eggs, and we marked the developing ones so we would know if someone crowded her out to lay one in her nestbox.  There’s only been one time when and egg broke underneath her, but that one was thankfully a new one.😮😦 :x  But it was all okay after I cleaned it all up.

The first day of August is the due-date!

Written by Nathan Wright, chicken raiser from OH

Election…by Nathan, 12

Our littlest chicken needs a name, and it’s up to our readers to decide!  Each of us kids submitted a name (for either a male/female since we don’t know which it is) for you to vote on.  None of us will vote.  You can even suggest a name, too.  Hurry, because your options expire in a month.

As for Joseph and Elisabeth, you may be able to figure out which ones they submitted! 😉


Need help deciding?

Tiger, —- because it’s a Barred Rock-Buff Orpington cross, so it will be yellow and black.

Moonlight—– because “Sunshine” is one of our Buff Orpington.  (Get it?)

By the way, voting is completely anonymous, so don’t be shy. 😀

And lastly, here’s the chickie’s photo – just thought it might help you decide.

click to enlarge

Archeopteryx, Beliefs, and the Truth…by Nathan, 12


You may have heard of Archeopteryx, supposedly half bird, half dinosaur.  (How ridiculous!!)  Some people think small, carnivorous dinosaurs had feathers.  It sure must have been frustrating, flapping and flapping their scrawny little arms and never ascending to the treetops.  Archeopteryx didn’t fly either, they’ll tell you.  It just glided from tree to tree.  Then, as it kept having mutated babies, they finally got to be 100% bird!  Well, here’s the deal, archeopteryx was 100% bird to begin with!

Genesis 1:20-23 tells us:  “And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.  And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.  And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.  And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.”   -God, infinite creator of universe, author of the Holy Bible.

There is also plenty of evidence that shows that evolution is wrong.  For example, the earth’s spinning speed slows just a bit each year.  If it were millions upon billions of years old, it would have to have been spinning way too fast to support life before to get up to now!

Here’s another example:  The moon moves 1 cm away from the earth each year.  Millions upon billions of years ago, the moon would have been rolling on the earth like a treadmill!

Another thing:  Animals adapt, but it is impossible for them to evolve, meaning they can’t ever gain genetic information and change into a completely different kind of animal.  We never see that at the zoo, or just in our backyard, do we??? 😐

That in itself is enough to prove evolution wrong.  And there are many other arguments which you don’t often hear.  To learn more check out  They have info on their website about archeopteryx and creation.  They also have an excellent quarterly magazine and a museum in northern Kentucky.  (The links will take you right to certain pages.)

The Bible can always be trusted.  We can always count on it.  The Bible is RIGHT!!

Chickens, Eggs, and their Origin…by Nathan, 12

What came first, the chicken or the egg?  You may have heard that question.  Of course, it was the chicken, because how would the egg get there otherwise?  Or wait…  maybe the egg, because how would the chicken get there otherwise?  Let’s find out!

First, we’ll talk about the beginning of a chick.  It all starts with a fertile egg.  It takes 3 weeks (21 days) for a chick to hatch under natural conditions.  As always, God amazingly designed this little critter!  For starters,  as the chick develops, it absorbs the yolk, which gives it the nourishment it needs until it’s old enough to eat grain, grass, etc.   The chick also has a small tooth on its beak so it can crack the shell.

When the hens are full-grown, oyster shell is good for them because it helps with egg production.  And since they don’t have stomachs, they need to swallow small rocks to grind up their food.  That takes place in the gizzard.

Here’s a timeline of the chicken’s life.

This one was in an incubator, not under a hen.

It’s hard to believe that some people would say that everything, including these fascinating birds, evolved from random chance!  It’s impossible.  Some people even think they came from dinosaurs.  There has to be some designer out there.  He’s the God of the Bible, and He tells us that He created birds on day five, after its kind and very good, also along with fish.



So, what came first, the chicken or the egg?



Well, the chicken came first.  Then she laid an egg, and then another chicken came from that.  And then from there, they were fruitful and multiplied, and filled the earth!



Me, when I was eleven.

Tricky Boy's in there somewhere.

You HAVE to click to enlarge this one.

A penny for your thoughts, cutie!

First night in chicken tractor

Bird Update….by Nathan, 12



Big Chickens:  Penguin (one of our hens)  is going broody.  She’ll be in the nestbox, setting the eggs when we go out.  There are at least four eggs, one for each breed, underneath her.  She won’t peck you if you try to take them, but if I place her in the nestbox, she won’t try to jump out.


She's a Silver-laced Wyandotte-Cochin cross

Small Chick:  He’s big enough to fly out of the coop now, so Mom put a screen over the box he’s in.  Yikes!  I can only imagine the freak-out if it escaped.  :P  We don’t know if it’s a male or female yet, so we haven’t named it.  Don’t name the stock!  We already did that once! :)

Unhatched Chicks:  There are six eggs left in the incubator.  We have three pips, one of which is working constantly.  (At first, we thought it was dead, so we were excited when we saw it progressing!  :D)  The hole is reasonably big, but the little bird hasn’t gotten through the membrane yet.  So, we’ll see!

Written by Nathan Wright, chicken raiser from OH

Bigger Bunnies and Incubating Eggs….by Nathan, 12

Our baby rabbits are getting bigger!  Their little eyes haven’t opened yet, but they have their white or black fur.  They are so cute!

We are also incubating a dozen more eggs.  Since we only got one last time, hopefully we’ll have more.  We think that the problem with the last batch was humidity.  So we got a hygrometer at Walmart.  Caleb is turning them at a certain time just like before.

A little bit about it:

– Eggs need to be turned an odd number of times a day, so they don’t get the same side every night.

-If it’s not humid enough, the chick will stick to the shell.

-Starting day 18, do not turn eggs.  (Day 18 is three days before they’re supposed to hatch.)

Our “roo”!…by Nathan, 12

He’s our rooster – Tricky Chickie.  When Richard Nixon did his share of no good, he was called “Tricky Dick.”  That was nothing very nice, but this guy earned his name too.

When he was wee little, he got out of the pen.  Caleb chased him around, saying, “tricky chicken!”  The name “Tricky Chickie” stuck.

He proved to be even more tricky when we butchered some of his brothers and we thought he might be a hen.  Then one day it happened.  COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOO!   Mom and Dad decided to keep him, though since he was our favorite.  He doesn’t realize how fortunate he is!

By the way, if you are planning on butchering roosters, then don’t name the stock! You see, you’ll get attached to it; somehow when an animal has a name, you can’t get yourself to get rid of it!

As he got older, Tricky got mean.  He’s irritable, bossy, and thinks he’s altogether better than everybody else.  We take the toy baseball bat in the coop in case we need to defend ourselves.  Ever since I gave him some of his own medicine, he pretty much obeys.  He wants to be left alone at all times.  If you do the slightest thing that he doesn’t like, he’ll run as fast as he can and flog you as hard as he can and growl REALLY loudly. :o  I think maybe once our chicks hatch, we’ll get rid of him.

There are two lessons we can learn.  When I say that he doesn’t realize how fortunate he is, can the same be said about us?  Jesus paid the penalty for our sin, and we didn’t even earn it!  God has been so good to us–more than we can ever imagine.

And the next lesson goes with another short story:  One day, we put all the hens in what we called Dad’s homemade “chicken tractor” to get fresh grass.  Dad tried to put Tricky Boy in, but he fussed and flogged and flapped and squawked and  just wouldn’t cooperate.  Finally Dad gave up.  We are the same way sometimes.  We just won’t surrender to the Lord even though he knows what’s best for us.  Don’t be like Tricky.