“A Little” Armour if You’re “a Little” Hypothyroid? {Don’t Make the Same Mistake We Did!}

I am honored to be guest posting today at Stop the Thyroid Madness, the thyroid information website that has been a Godsend to countless thyroid patients everywhere, including our sweet Moriah. I am forever grateful to thyroid advocate Janie Bowthorpe for the resources she has compiled, because Stop the Thyroid Madness shares much-needed information that most doctors simply do. not. know. Ours didn’t.

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Scarves . . . by Hannah, 10

Q: Why is this post titled “Scarves”? It’s getting warmer, so we don’t need scarves!

A: No, no no. Not that kind of scarves! The decorative kind of scarves, like these:

We weren't using one, but decorative scarves like this one would look wonderful secured with a flexi-clip!

I didn’t use one, but decorative scarves like this one look wonderful secured with a flexi-clip!

Q: Wow, did you make it?

A: Yep!

Q: Can you show me how?

A: Sure!

Here’s how:


(By the way, Mom didn’t make a video on how to tie it off. So you can just figure it out.)

Here are the written instructions:

You will need:


The right kind of yarn (shown on video) I use The Boutique Sashay sparkle yarn. I got it at Walmart, but you can also get it at craft stores.

Crochet hook (I used a 5.00 mm size)

and a measuring tape might be helpful.

1.  Find the top of your yarn (not the sparkly bottom, but the plain top), and find the second hole at the top (shown on video.)  Put your crochet hook through that hole.

2.  Put your crochet hook into the hole after that, and the hole after that, and the hole after that, till you have five loops on the crochet hook (shown on video.)

3.  Pinch the last four loops together with your index finger and thumb, and pull them over the top loop off the hook (shown on video.) Now you are left with only one loop.

4.  Put your crochet hook into the hole after that loop, and then the hole after that, and then the hole after that, till you have five loops on your hook again.

5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have your scarf the length you want it.

6.  Cut the yarn about an inch away from the crochet hook (on the uncrocheted side.)

7.  Pull your loop over the cut edge (the edge you just cut, not the edge at the beginning of the scarf) so it doesn’t come undone before your mom can tie it. (Shown on video below.)

8.  Have your mom tie it! :)


These scarves, of course, look beautiful with flexi-clips to secure them.

By the way, I’ve made 31 scarves.  9 large scarves, 11 medium scarves, 10 small scarves. I don’t know what size that last scarf is. 😛

My sizes for the scarves are:  Large: 6 ft Medium: 4 ft Small: 3 ft

I’ve crocheted 134 feet worth of scarves.  :O

By the way, I’m selling these scarves.  So, if you’re local and you want a scarf, call us and maybe you can come over and buy one! 😀😉

1/3 of my scarves

1/3 of my scarves

The second 1/3 of my scarves

The second 1/3 of my scarves

The last 1/3 of my scarves

The last 1/3 of my scarves

Something New . . . by Elisabeth (6 next month)

Look in my mouth and you will find something new!

I can’t believe I lost my first tooth!

It did not hurt. I could have pulled it out myself, but Mom did, because I wanted her to. It was very loose. She did it a couple days ago.

She did it with pliers. I didn’t even cry, ’cause losing a tooth isn’t worth crying over!

Each time one of us loses a tooth, Mom gives us a surprise. My surprise was a purple sparkly basket. I LOVE it! I can rub it on my hands and feet and face and arms and legs to make them sparkly. I like to have purple sparkles everywhere.

Impromptu Photo Shoot

We snapped up some pictures of Moriah this morning because she was just too cute not to. I say “we” meaning Hannah and me. I obviously did the holding, and Hannah did the snapping.

I love how she captured Moriah’s different expressions. She knows just what it takes, even with a little crankster who was ready for a nap.

Moriah is great with her pointer, as you can see. That’s right, sweetie; you’re #1!

I just love this girl.


Christmas Gift Highlights

In keeping with my new method of sending Christmas cards, I had hoped to have some nice family pictures to share with friends and family, but we don’t have them back yet. Yes, we went to a real photographer this year, kind of a last-minute-thing, so the wait is not unexpected. The results will no doubt be quite an upgrade from last year’s quick-round-up-all-the-kids-and-find-the-tripod kind of picture, and maybe we’ll even have them in time for some pictorial Happy New Year greetings.

In the meantime, I’ll share some Christmas joy captured this morning.

We try to keep it simple in the gift department, and I had to laugh because this homeschooling family got a big bang for its buck with books. It really struck me today because, more often than not, the gifts we give are ones with pages, and that was really the case this Christmas.

How many 8-year-old boys ask for curriculum for Christmas? Well, this one did, and the smile says it all, doesn’t it?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOf course, if you are familiar with the clever, catchy tunes of Lyrical Life Science, you’ll understand why he wanted a second volume. Score for the homeschool mom!

Caleb always has books on his wish list, and this Christmas he was thrilled to unwrap this riveting work.

I know. I don’t quite get it either. But I’m all for advanced learning, especially the kind you can do without Mom’s help.

Hannah just started the Elsie series

and, of course, Moriah loves her books as well.

In fact, I would say books are just about her favorite thing in the whole world right now. She loves to say the word “book” too, and she was pretty captivated by her new reads.

Nathan has developed an interest in O. Henry and his surprise endings, so this volume should keep him occupied for a while.

Another highlight was Hannah’s reaction when she opened up her new scarf. Did you hear the squealing?

The story behind the scarf is that at the last craft show we went to with our Lilla Rose display, we sat near a friend and her friends who happened to be making these beautiful scarves. Hannah REALLY wanted this pink one with the sparkles, but I told her that no, she could not buy it because it was not something she needed.

Well, when she had gone into the other room to browse, I quickly bought it, bagged it and stuffed it away with my things, knowing it would be the perfect Christmas surprise. That craft show had little traffic, so the nice ladies had time to later teach Hannah how to make these scarves, and now she knows the real reason I have been dragging my feet about buying her some yarn.

All kinds of scarves are soooo pretty with a flexi-clip, so I think we have discovered a fun little side job for Miss Hannah.

Moriah loved all the excitement, and I didn’t see her eating too much wrapping paper.

Later, Elisabeth helped me make a flourless chocolate peppermint cake. She loves to bake and lick help clean up. It was delicious.

My favorite gift? These little gingerbread men Elisabeth hand crafted for me. Too cute!

Merry Christmas, everyone!